unpainted cars on factory line

Surface Treatment

For surface treatment, performed before the coating process, we offer products such as SURFCLEANER, a degreasing agent to remove oil and dirt from the steel surface before applying ED and general paint, and Surfdine and Surftech, to form an inorganic film of zinc phosphate or zirconium metal oxide film.

white car bodies on a factory line


Our ED PAINT provides rust protection in various weather conditions around the world, as well as excellent corrosion protection, chip resistance, and throwing power. This the ultimate labor-saving coating system, as it requires no human labor from material loading to unloading.

robot spraying paint on a car


Offerings include conventional primer and surfacer as well as our next generation WET-ON-WET TECHNOLOGY; eliminating an entire bake cycle from the conventional process. WET-ON-WET TECHNOLOGY significantly contributes to time and energy savings for automakers.